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Saturday, 7 March 2020

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Fire Safety course in Islamabad
Fire Safety course in Islamabad
Fire safety, according to Wikipedia is a series of processes which will help reduce fire and its effects. This can be from the use of fire protection systems to ensuring your property is equipped with a wide range of fire extinguishers.

Fire safety tips for kids

At NAFFCO, we take fire safety for kids very seriously. It is important in the event of a fire that you and your family know exactly what to do as time is precious (during a fire). To help you and your children, we have come up with a list of fire safety tips for kids.

1) It is important that you know all of your emergency and fire prevention numbers. We advise that you memorize these numbers so that you or your family can call them when you leave the property: They may look fun and grown-up, but it is important not to play with matches, candles or lighters. If you can reach the matches, lighters or candles, you mustn’t touch them, instead, you should tell your parents right away. If you see someone playing with any of these, don’t waste time in telling a grown-up.

3) Grown-ups can forget to check smoke detectors and other fire safety equipment. Every month, you should help your parents by reminding them that they should check the smoke detector is working (every month). Smoke detectors are very important fire prevention equipment. Ask your parents to test it when you are there so you know what the piercing sound is like. If you hear this sound get ready to leave the building.

4) Every family must have a plan in case fire strikes. Ask your parents to practice how to escape from your home regularly and remember your family’s meeting plan. It is important that you never go back into the house during a fire.

5) If you see a fire, tell an adult RIGHT NOW! Fires will only get worse, and you must make sure everyone knows to get ready to leave. Don’t hide in a wardrobe, under the bed or anywhere else.

6) Is the fire and smoke very bad? It is important to remember to Fall and Crawl. This will help you get out of your home if the fire or smoke is bad. Crawling low under the smoke will help you escape from the smoke; cover your mouth with a wet cloth as well.

7) Stop, Fall and Roll – remember this phrase as it will help if your clothes catch fire. It is important to keep rolling and remember not to run as this will make it worse. Shout for help while you are rolling on the floor.

8) Don’t go back inside for your toys or any other possessions. It is important that you leave the property very quickly. Toys and your things can be replaced, but your life cannot and that is the most important thing of all!

Adult fire prevention tips

As we are the experts in the fire fighting world, we have listed some great fire safety tips specifically for adults. Our fire safety advice is second-to-none in the industry.

1) Plan for every emergency. Regularly go through your fire safety plan with every member of your home and make sure everyone knows the escape routes. Practice this plan at least twice a year so that you and everyone know what to do. It is imperative that your family know their way out.Turn off electrical appliances when they are not being used, especially overnight. This is an important tip to know and will help stop short-circuiting in your property.

6) Do not use an elevator if there is a fire in your property. Use the stairway when exiting with your family as this is the safest option for leaving a building.

7) We recommend that you identify all potential fire hazards in your home and prepare adequately. This will enable you to reduce all risks. Keeping matches and lighters out of your children’s reach will help matters.

8) Candles look beautiful and offer nice scents to homes, but they are a huge risk to fire and safety. If you want to cut down risks of fires in your home, then be careful when using candles and NEVER leave them unattended.

9) When you are cooking food, you must stay in the kitchen when you are doing the following:

Even if it’s for a short period of time, do not leave the kitchen unless you have another adult to watch the food. Food that is left to cook unattended has a greater chance of turning into a destructive fire.

10) Use only the best fire equipment and make sure it is up-to-date. Do not use or buy fire equipment that has not been certified by a recognized fire company. NAFFCO’s extinguishers have been certified by companies such as:1) Like any building, your workplace must have a good safety plan that is tailored to your building and industry. It is also your duty as an employer to ensure that your employees are aware of this plan and the necessary evacuation procedures. Test drills are a useful way to practice fire evacuation and will enable employees to be aware of evacuation signals.

2) The nature of fires means that you and your employees may not always be able to use the designated fire route which means you must have an alternative way out.

3) As mentioned earlier, if you encounter smoke when you are leaving the building, it is important to remember our Fall and Crawl technique. Crawling under the smoke is the most effective technique for leaving a building.
Fire Safety course in Islamabad
Fire Safety course in Islamabad
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