Autocad in Hafizabad - Islamabad

Monday, 24 February 2020

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City: Islamabad
Offer type: Offer
Price: Rs 20,000


Contact name prit
Phone 03211222295

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To find the perimeter of a rhombus, just add up all the lengths of the sides: The area of a rhombus: To find the area of a rhombus, multiply the lengths of the two diagonals and divide by 2 (same as multiplying by 1/2): The sides and angles of a rhombus: The sides of a rhombus are all congruent (the same length.)
What is the volume of a frustum?
Using the same Similar triangles property lets find the value of h, R/ r = (H+h)/ h. Therefore, the volume (V) of the frustum of the cone is =1/3 πH (R2 +Rr+r2 ).
Are the diagonals of rhombus equal?
The diagonals of a rhombus bisect each other. This means that they cut each other in half. Therefore, diagonals being equal is a special case when all the sides of the rhombus are equal i.e it is a square.
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