Ms Office in Kamoke - Islamabad

Monday, 24 February 2020

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City: Islamabad
Offer type: Offer
Price: Rs 9,000


Contact name prit
Phone 03211222295

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What is the formula of volume and surface area?
Volume = (l x b x h) cubic units. Surface area = 2(lb + bh + lh) sq.
What is the mean of unit?
Kids Definition of unit
1 : a single thing, person, or group forming part of a whole There are 36 units in my apartment building. 2 : the least whole number : one. 3 : a fixed quantity (as of length, time, or value) used as a standard of measurement An inch is a unit of length.Jan 20, 2020
What is a formula of rhombus?
To find the perimeter of a rhombus, just add up all the lengths of the sides: The area of a rhombus: To find the area of a rhombus, multiply the lengths of the two diagonals and divide by 2 (same as multiplying by 1/2): The sides and angles of a rhombus: The sides of a rhombus are all congruent (the same length.)
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