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Monday, 26 March 2018

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City: Islamabad
Offer type: Sell
Price: Rs 8,500,000
Land Square, m²:600


Contact name GHAZANFAR ALI
Phone 03005237225

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Islamabad International Airport impact series: PAF Tarnol
March 21, 2018 • Buying, Housing Schemes, investment tips

Officially known as Fazaia Housing Scheme, PAF Tarnol is your best bet to make a safe and solid investment in Islamabad’s Zone II, or more specifically, in the vicinity of the soon-to-be-inaugurated Islamabad International Airport.

The society has seen many developments in the recent past including uplifting of existing infrastructure and acquiring more land for future extension. This article shares all these updates with you.


It is located next to Fateh Jang Interchange on Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M-1. Fazaia’s southern side has Kohat-Mianwali Road, while the 600-feet wide CPEC Route runs along its western side. At the moment, the society has two entrances; one from M-1, and the other from Fateh Jang Road. Subject to approval, Fazia can have another entrance from the CPEC Route. From the Islamabad International Airport, Fazaia Housing Scheme is just 3 kilometres away.

Project details

The society spans over 70,000 kanals of land, while process is underway to acquire more land along Block C and Block H. Depending on the willingness of property buyers, the society can acquire more land and see major expansion in the future. It currently has eight blocks; Blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. Possession is available for residential property throughout the society, except for the extension, where acquisition of land is in process. For commercial property, possession has been handed over in Blocks C and G. It is expected that possession of commercial plots in the remaining blocks will be handed over in one month.

Development status

The society has been around for quite some time, which may indicate that development work has been completed, but that is not the case. In fact, the developer is upgrading the existing infrastructure and adding new features to the project to match its prime location. In order to do so, the developer has laid optic fiber and sewerage lines, while work on road networks in process, where final carpeting is yet to be completed.

In the meanwhile, development work is going on at a rapid pace for commercial areas in the remaining blocks. Please note, it is the only society of this area that receives water directly from Shahpur Dam. For this purpose, a dedicated 10-kilometre long water line was laid just recently which will provide 600,000 gallons of water on a daily basis.

New developments

Fazaia Housing Scheme is set to benefit from a lot of developments planned for the new airport and many developments within the society are big enough to predict a potentially rewarding future for the society. Here is a quick rundown of these:

Rawalpindi Bypass

Construction of the recently approved Rawalpindi Bypass at a cost of PKR 21 billion will make the society even more accessible from Rawalpindi and adjoining areas. This bypass, which is meant to connect Rawat with M-1 near the airport via Adiala Road and Chakri Road, will save people travelling to and from Fazaia Housing Scheme from the traffic nuisance. Not to mention, the society is already well connected from Islamabad via Kashmir Highway, M-1 and Kohat-Mianwali Road.

Margalla Avenue

Work on this road has been put on hold for some reasons but according to its eventual plan, it crosses M-1 near Fateh Jang Road, and runs along the northern side of PAF Tarnol. This road will also add worth to Fazaia’s blocks that will fall adjacent to it.

Private developers eyeing the project

Currently, talks are in process with some private builders looking to construct high-rise buildings in the society. This will only invite more developers to see the society’s potential for high-rise developments.

Apartments for the retired officers

The developer is all set to construct an apartment complex featuring units for families of retired Pakistan Air Force officers. We expect to hear news about initiation of the project soon.


A deal has been finalised between the society and City School for setting up a campus in the society.
The society’s transfer office has become operational in Fazaia Housing Scheme.
The boundary wall has been completed.
Three commercial plazas operating, two under construction.
The society has been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority and all other providers of utility services, while connections for water, electricity, and gas are readily available.
A look at each block and property rates

Block A

This block features 300 yd2 plots, the number of which is approximately 350. Here, the terrain is even, and has a solid surface, making it a preferred block for people looking to construct their homes, while 30 families are already living here.

Block A is linked directly to the society’s main entrance on Fateh Jang Road. Call it a drawback, maybe; M-1 passes through it, bisecting the block in half, where underpasses have been constructed to link the two parts.

Plot sizePrice Range
300 yd2PKR 4,500,000 – PKR 5,500,000
Block B

This block falls along Fateh Jang Road and has access from both entrances. The society’s largest park is in Block B. It has a mix of 300 yd2 and 600 yd2 plots, where the number of 600 yd2 plots is much higher than that of 300 yd2. At the moment, 60 families live here.

Plot sizePrice Range
300 yd2PKR 6,000,000 – PKR 6,500,000
600 yd2PKR 9,000,000 – PKR 13,500,000
Block C

Land in this block is uneven, but the developer has kept the terrain as it is to allow solid construction of the houses, which are prone to collapse if built on filled land. Block C only has 600 yd2 plots, while 15 families are already living here. This block has the society’s community centre and two commercial areas, along with a masjid and a park.

Plot sizePrice Range
600 yd2PKR 7,500,000 – PKR 12,500,000
Block D

It is a central block and considered the most attractive one among potential buyers. Block D features a jamia masjid and a cricket stadium, while two commercial plazas have already been built in its commercial area. Here, 70 families are already living. The terrain of Block D is not completely even but sloppy . It only features 600 yd2 plots. The Air Force’s upcoming apartment project is also located in this block.

Plot sizePrice Range
600 yd2PKR 9,000,000 – PKR 13,500,000
Block E

This blocks only features 300 yd2 plots. It touches the society’s main entrance on Fateh Jang Road and the society’s main office is also located here. In addition to that, the society’s main commercial area, which is also operational, is in this block.

Plot sizePrice Range
300 yd2PKR 7,000,000 – PKR 8,000,000
Block F

It is among the popular blocks as it terrain is mostly levelled except for a few trenches. This block will have City School’s campus, while the private builders looking to construct high-rise projects are also interested in this block. Block F features both 10-marla and 600 yd2 plots.

Plot sizePrice Range
300 yd2PKR 5,500,000 – PKR 7,000,000
600 yd2PKR 8,500,000 – PKR 13,500,000
Block G

It is not considered an attractive block as it is located at the back of the society. It may have a great future, depending on the society getting an entrance from the CPEC Route, which runs parallel to it. In addition to that, Margalla Avenue will also pass along this block. It has a park, a space marked for a school, and also has the society graveyard.

Plot sizePrice Range
300 yd2PKR 4,500,000 – PKR 5,500,000
600 yd2PKR 7,000,000 – PKR 11,000,000
Block H

It is the most contemporary block, developed along the latest lines. Here, electrification work will be underground, and the block is located at a comparatively higher elevation. CPEC Route and Margalla Avenue touches it on the northern side. Road work here is in advance stages, while the commercial area is fully developed. Block H only features 600-yd2 plots.

Plot sizePrice Range
600 yd2PKR 7,500,000 – PKR 12,000,000
That was the update on Fazaia Housing Scheme also known as PAF Tarnol. If you have feedback or queries for us, let us know through your comments. To seek further guidance on the project, you can talk to Warrant Officer (R) Ghazanfer Ali of Air Avenue Estate by giving him a call at 92-300-523-7225 and 92-333-523-7225.